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We are Europe’s leading intensive technology training and career advancement consortium.

WHo we are

We solve Europe’s Skills Gap Issue

Future Group is a technology education and talent platform that provides high-quality coding and technology-based skills to working adults, and a differentiated technology-skilled workforce to businesses. The platform sources and selects students, skills them through cutting-edge and intensive programmes, and delivers outcomes by partnering closely with businesses that need a workforce with digital skills.

The group is headquartered in Germany and was founded in 2021/2022 through the acquisition of 4 high-quality technology training providers from Germany, Scandinavia and France. The platform will address the structural shortfall in the supply of technology-related talent and the growing gap for jobs demanding “skills of the future” across Europe, through focused and intense training courses in areas of skill shortfall such as full stack technology and data science.

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What we offer

As demand for new capabilities gathers pace, hiring, re-skilling and upskilling will be key to enable organizations developing the skills needed to remain competitive. By 2025, the World Economic Forum projects that up to 85 million jobs could be displaced by a shift in the division of labor between machines and humans - mostly manual and repetitive roles, ranging from assembly factory workers to accountants. At the same time, almost 100 million new roles are expected to be created, driven by changes in technology and continuous digital transformation. Even for talent that is able to remain in their same roles, the expected share of core skills that will change is 40%. We therefore offer


Recruiting was never faster and cheaper! All graduates go through a multi-stage selection process and start only in any of our program if they convinced us with their motivation, their ability to learn fast and their analytical rigor. Once they finish our programs with their capstone project, they are good to go as they do not only learn about the "what" but also about the how to apply their new knowledge and how to continue learning in the future.


Discover hidden digital talents in your own employee base! As we have long-standing experience in identifying talent from diverse backgrounds and turning them into sought after software developers, data analysts or cloud experts, we help you get on top of your digital transformation and help you to remain competitive. We offer Full Time, Part Time and Any Time options. Just talk to us.


Tech never sleeps! Stay ahead of the curve and co-design compelling upskilling programs for your employee base. Help them improve their capabilities. Whether you are looking for digital literacy classes for your non-tech teams or for more advanced training programs tailored to your tech experts – benefit from more than 3000 hours of tested course content which we package and customize to your needs.

Who we work with

We focus on partnership

Companies like Lufthansa, Capgemini and Accenture Song are leading the way: they all trust in our talent for career changers and have found what they are looking for in our talent pool.

and more

Where we are?

We cover all european territories

Already present in 8 countries - from Sweden to Portugal via France and Germany - we want to strengthen synergies at the European level. It is time to join forces!

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What we teach

We educate on most in demand technologies

By pooling all the experience, networks and resources of ours members, Future Group is paving the way for cutting-edge training in the digital field. All our programs have been developed by seasoned professionals with longstanding experience and curated by Europe's most advanced corporations.

Web Development
Java Development
Data Science
Data Analytics
Data Practitioner
AWS Cloud Development
.NET Fullstack
Product Management
and many more

Who we are

We are a value driven network with long term expertise

We help students enter or advance their careers in technology while providing employers access high quality talent und training.

neue fische - School and Pool for Digital Talent

We tech you to the next level

neue fische - School and Pool for Digital Talent

neue fische - School and Pool is Germany's largest technology bootcamp founded in 2018 by female founder Dalia Das. With its innovative Select-Train-Connect approach, the school puts student outcome first and targets graduates, university dropouts and career changers who then get turned into sought after software developers, data scientists and cloud engineers. Headquartered in Hamburg the school expanded its presence to Cologne, Munich, Frankfurt and Bochum and launched a successful remote-live format. Since then, the programs have been available to people all over Germany. More than 1500 students have graduated from neuefische and a dedicated partner management team helps 100+ companies hiring from the from the growing talent pool.

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Spiced Academy

Your future in tech

Spiced Academy

Based in vibrant Berlin-Kreuzberg, SPICED Academy operates a 10,000 sqm super center at the heart of Germany’s capital city. Founded in 2017 by Frederik Aldaq and now steered by neuefische Founder Dalia Das, SPICED explicitly targets a divers and international set of students. More than 900 students have graduated from SPICED since its foundation who now work all over the world. 40% of graduates are female. Trainings are conducted in English language by a first-class team of trainers stemming from more than 15 countries.

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Launch your career in tech


SALT, School of Applied Technology, is a software development school offering advanced training to enable highly motivated hobby coders to become professional developers. SALT was founded in 2018 in Sweden by Richard Andemark (ex General Manager - Americas at Donya Labs), Koshi Hamedi (Director of strategy at Microsoft). SALT is addressing the extreme shortage of software developers in Europe by offering accelerated career programs, combining online pre-studies with an immersive three months onsite training program followed by one year of professional work experience to rocket launch their students’ tech careers. SALT has graduated over 400 developers through their accelerated career programs and helped more than 150 corporate clients in Sweden, Norway and The Netherlands to hire skilled software developers.

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Wild Code School

Learn tech skills to advance your career

Wild Code School

Wild Code School is a Tech professional training school, founded by Anna Stepanoff in 2013 to address the lack of digital talents in France and Europe. Its mission is to render digital education accessible to people coming from different backgrounds - from a restaurant waiter to a lawyer, and at different moments of their lives . One third of its students are women and more than 80% of graduates find a job within 3 months after the end of the program. Wild Code School is one of the pioneers of the bootcamp movement in France. Today, Wild Code School is present in France (13 campuses), Berlin and Lisbon and has trained more than 6,000 adults in Tech professions (web development, data analysis, cybersecurity, product management and web design). As WCS is an acredited institution, 70% of its students benefit from public funding.

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